Madame Libertánah

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Title : Madame Libertánah
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The word “Libertánah” isn’t really a word. It’s a name, if even that. Bohemian Lifestyle searched for an expression that could define all the months of hard work in the rehearsal space and studio. Something that could define the musical freedom that they together have explored.

Re-occurring themes in their lyrics revolve around hope, truth, joy, sadness and nonetheless freedom. Freedom in everyday life, freedom in creation and freedom in life.

With songs such as “Wayward Hearts”, “Coming Back Around” and “Third Longstreet Groove” they widen the spectrum of what defines Rock n’ Roll. It is a musical ride through emotions and influences. But also something else, a request to the listener to look around and listen, because freedom can be anywhere.

And who is this “Madame Libertánah” anyway? Who knows. A person? A place? A Name? Or maybe it is just an expression for what Bohemian Lifestyle’s album really is.

The album was recorded at Music A Matic Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was produced by Chips Kiesbye (Sator, The Hellacopters, Crucified Barbara, Marilyn Monroe etc.) and released through Attitude Recordings.

8/10 “One of the best albums of 2015” – Sweden Rock Magazine (2015)